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Donald George Carrithers (September 15, 1949) is a former professional baseball pitcher. Carrithers pitched in all or part of eight seasons in Major League Baseball from 1970 until 1977.

Carrithers was drafted out of Lynwood HS (Lynwood, CA) in the 3rd round of the 1967 Major League Baseball Draft by the San Francisco Giants. After working his way up through their farm system, he made his major league debut at the age of 20 in 1970, pitching 11 games with an ERA of 7.36. Carrithers started the 1971 season back in the minors, but was called up in June and was in the majors for good.

Over the next three seasons, Carrithers bounced back and forth between the starting rotation and the bullpen for the Giants, but various injuries limited him to no more than 25 appearances in each season. On May 14, 1972 he gave up Willie Mays’s 647th career homerun. His performance was below average in each season as well, and just before the 1974 season, the Giants shipped him off to the Montreal Expos in return for catcher John Boccabella.

Carrithers met with more success in Montreal, but injuries still hampered him. After two seasons of performing well in limited action, in 1976 Carrithers stayed healthy enough to throw 140 innings, his career high. However, his performance suffered a setback, as he went only 6–12 with an ERA of 4.43. The Expos became the second team to be frustrated by Carrithers, and they sold him to the Minnesota Twins the following spring. After yet another injury-filled campaign in which Carrithers made it into only 7 games, his career was over at the age of 28.

Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society




Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society International

Clan Carruthers LLC

carrutherslogoI would like to take this opportunity to let it be known that this letter has been sent out to various Clan organizations, societies, museums and groups.

No matter the spelling of such a Proud ancestral name, you all are members!

Through the scientific breakthroughs of DNA, we know we are all of the same people, and we should  join together as one, socialize as one family, and bring knowledge to future generations.


To Whom it May Concern,


We all have an ancestral bond with the Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan or Family.

We take this opportunity to declare our intent to form the:

Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society International.

We are committed to preserving the heritage and tradition of the Carruthers Clan and to assist others of Scottish ancestry.  Our society would contribute to all Carruthers on an international level by becoming involved with Scottish Activities, helping those of Scottish ancestry with education and genealogy, and promoting and encouraging Scottish culture, not only for the Carruthers Clan but all Clans and organizations.

We wish to strengthen and sustain the important of being a Scottish Clan, into tomorrow. With this intent of the organization we will increase the popularity of our common interests, with the hope of adding new members so to develop growth and expansion on a regular basis.  Encouraging  social interactions and projects, and by developing relationships and friendships, this organization will become stronger.

Promptus Et Fidelis


The Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society


Patricia L Carrothers

Pat E. Carrothers







Oh The Carruthers/Carrothers!

Clan Carruthers LLC

Some things are just meant to be!  Almost 30 years ago, I started working on my mothers side of our family history.  My grandmother would tell me stories about her Uncle Pat, that made his own booze in the bathtub, had to have half his stomach removed and still kept making more.  One story after another, and sometimes the same story many times, but always with love and passion as a grandmother could tell.

One can not do your mothers family and not your fathers.  There were many things my mother was rightfully proud of in her family line, but every time I found out something about the Carrothers, you could see the pride on my dads face.  As a beloved daughter as I was, I had to continue to bring that smile to his my dads face.

Thirty years ago there were no computers, or ancestry sites to go to.  You started with a pen and paper, and put a lot of money away for those trips one had to take.  There are some people that worked on our line before I did, and when years went by we finally met up in our research . I have to thank John Carrothers in Canada.  He did a tremendous amount of vacations and trips to both Ireland and Scotland getting information. He has worked tirelessly with more passion and love in his heart for his family.

Moving into modern times, family history moves faster, but the past is most important. I have to thank Tim Frasier from both Scotland and Australia.  He has worked on two archaeological digs that I will talk about as being one of the biggest breakthroughs out family has had.  He is one of the scientist who have traced the Carruthers line back to 500 B.C., and then we were know as Ashmen.

We arrived in Scotland around 400 A.D.  Now how do they know that?  Then have used digital DNA findings to trace this large group of men.  I mean large in size, not necessarily numbers.  In this study they used DNA to trace our family and in the last ten years they have tested over 16,000 Carruthers and we all have the same 26 DNA findings.  Every single Carruthers tested positive for the same 26 DNA links that date back to 400 B.C.   This is most unusual, and these findings have lead to another archaeological dig, I believe in northern England.  I will be able to share more of these later.

Let me give you a little warning.  When you see these places who will test your DNA, remember that those are subsidized by your government, and they get to keep your DNA.  This may not sound important, but it is.  I have been a medical practitioner for more that 30 years, and this is a professional opinion.  Prior to World War II, they collected blood samples which are still being used in Germany to this day.

Just Interesting!

We have an email address of CarrothersClan@gmail.com.  You are always welcome to send questions or opinions, but we are always looking for people who have done any family history, and are willing to help someone else.  We are on facebook at Carruthers Carrothers.

There are two of us who have started this, my name is Pat, and the other Carrothers is also Pat.  So , it does not matter who you address your opinions to, they will be handled by Pat!

Carruthers Carrothers Pat on Facebook


Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society Int LLC