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Carruthers: North Carolina

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The following information is recorded in “Scottish American Court Records”; page 14.

Robert Carruthers and James Carruthers in North Carolina V. Robert Carruthers, surgeon in Wareham, Dorset, England. dated 21st February 1781.

The aforementioned Robert Carruthers, was a Royal Navy surgeon on HMS Windsor and later in practice in Wareham. His father, Wiliam Carruthers was a physician in Dumfries, Scotland and was the younger brother of Robert 4th of Rammerscales.

To Carruthers family researchers this family is of particular interest. Rammerscales was a scion of the House of Holemains and is the only recorded Carruthers family who were open supporters of the Jacobite cause. In fact Robert 4th of Rammerscales was forfieted of his estate after the collapse of the Jacobite insurrection. We know that Robert of Rammerscales had a son also Robert mentioned 2nd April 1754, and a daughter, Henrietta who married a Church of Scotland minister.

Robert Carruthers, surgeon at Wareham had two elder brothers James and Lawes, and three elder sisters Wingate, Margaret and Henrietta. The last record we have of the Rammerscales family is 1771.

Now it appears members of the family “escaped” to North Carolina after the Jacobite insurrection. But who were they and are there more descendants in the USA today?

I would be grateful if cousins in North Carolina or any others who have access to the court records can shed some light on the American descendants of the Carruthers family of Rammerscales.


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