500 B.C.

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Immediately I want to thank Dr. Tim Frasier and Dan Carlson RPA for all their work they have done, and are continuing to do.  Dr. Tim Frasier, from Brisbane Australia, has been my direct link and when I talked to him about sharing this information with the Carruthers line of people he asked me to wait until after St. Patricks Day, and so I did.

People do not like to read 15 page detailed manuscripts, for we are in a world of short and quick.  So each blog I will try to remember that, and keep things short and quick.  If I went over something a little too quickly just ask for more and I will be happy to write more on that point.

Let us begin with DNA.  Deoxyribonucleic acid.  You may be familiar with swabbing the inside of someone’s cheek for a paternity test.  Times are advancing, and that is still done, but not current.  For more than 10 years they use digital DNA testing, all you need is a breath, a relic, soil samples now and you can test DNA.

Dr Tim Frasier worked on an archeological dig as a student almost 15 years ago, and has been involved in the continuous findings since.  He was able to match them up to findings from a dig in 1840 from Lancaster, England.  Then the Lancaster England project was matched up to a dig in Fjale farmstead project.  This went on and on with matching up DNA markers from various sites.

DNA markers are guides, similar to finger prints, that usually do not match up.  But these did.  In fact, they were finding 37 DNA markers that were matching up all the time.  No one expected this at all.

These DNA markings ended around 100 A.D.

What do they do with this information?  They want to find a match.  Dr. Tim Frasier, needed a sampling of DNA to match up with his findings.  Samples had to be living samples.  After many years, and I am taking the liberty to make this short, he found over 6800 samples, and all 37 DNA markers matched the Carruthers.

There are very few families were each member has 37 markers that match.  Some even more, which helps determination of geography too.    They tested various artifacts from museums, and letters written by Carruthers. Edward 1723 was tested, John Carothers 1725, Crothers 1834, Bobby Cruthirds, Christopher 1822, Nathaniel 1760, Robert 1668, James 1791, David 1749, James 1695, John 1725 and many more.  Every one tested were all related, all the same DNA markers.

It does not matter where you live, where your ancestors lived, every one of the Carruthers tested and being tested have 37 markers.  Not all DNA testing that you can get publicly does all 37 markers.

We are all related! The family is tested back to 500 BC.

We all originated in one spot.  One tiny island.

This means that every one of the “Carruthers” on this planet are all from Gotlund, and lived there until 400 AD.

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