This is it!

Clan Carruthers LLC

Ancient and Honorable Carruthers Clan Society International LLC


After 25 years of doing family history on the Carruthers / Carrothers, and with a little nudging from relatives, I have decided to put it all down for people to enjoy and  to be     proud to be a Carrothers!

I have traced my direct line back to 1500, and with DNA we have the Carruthers / Carrothers traced back to 500 BC.


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3 thoughts on “This is it!”

  1. Fascinating information….How in the world did the dna info from Frojel come to your attention as a possible family match ???


    1. Gregory, sorry I did not answer this in a timely fashion. Usually I do. Dr Tim Fraser, helped me on a project about merchant marines, when the subject came up of the Carruthers DNA Research project that he worked on for 10 years, with various Archaeological excavations across the globe. We worked together for a long time, before he found out I was a Carruthers. Small circle, and right places. The information was released in March of this year, and that was the catalyst that got the Clan Society Started. We have been a lost clan so long, that many sites do not even recognize our name anymore. Now, that I started all of this, I am having a hard time finding time to write blogs about the Carruthers information I have. LOL

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